Family Law Specialists

About Us

Our Approach

At Auckland Family Law, we appreciate the importance of listening to the concerns and priorities of our clients, to ensure that we understand where they are coming from and what they need. Our job is to advise clients of their legal rights, responsibilities and options. It is up to the client to decide upon the course of action in the light of that advice. We will then do our best to achieve the desired results.

Actions based on our key principles

How we work

To court or not to court

Most of our cases are resolved by negotiation or mediation. This gives the greatest amount of control to those directly involved. 

It is difficult for an external party to take into account all factors & complexities with a snap-shot of your situation. We believe this should be a last resort.

When agreement is made mutually with all parties involved in the decision, it is more likely  to succeed long term than one imposed from the outside.

When court proceedings are necessary, we have the skill and experience to guide you through effectively and efficiently. 

Sensitivity to relationship issues

In Family Law it is important to be sensitive to the relationships involved. We have a duty to promote conciliation, which we understand well. The emotional factors and potential damage to relationships must be taken into account, especially in cases where children are involved. We do not simply apply the legal principals and rules, but use the the framework to find practical solutions to real life problems.

your best interests are our top priority